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TDL for Authorization or Checker and Maker Module in Tally

Rs. 1,999.00 + GST
A must have Tally add-on for every business having multiple Tally users and departments with approval system. With this TDL add-on admin define roles to the users in Tally like Authorizer | Checker | Maker
  • A user with Authorizer role will have facility to create and authorize the vouchers. Once the voucher is authorized then only it will be posted to the regular books of accounts.
  • A user with Checker role will have facility to create and approve the vouchers. At this stage voucher will be flagged a approved but it won't be posted in the books until it is authorized by Authorizer.
  • A user with Maker role will have facility to create vouchers and they will be flagged a pending and won't posted in the books until it will be authorized.
At all above levels, users can view the status of vouchers. It is an very useful add-on for the organization who wish to bring financial control and approval workflow in Tally and accounts. Watch the demo below and the Screenshot's before you purchase the add-on

TDL for Restrict Selected Groups and Ledgers in Tally

Rs. 1,499.00 + GST
Restrict Critical Financial Information among your users With this TDL add-on, the admin can restrict selected Groups and Ledgers for the users. Admin can create multiple levels and assign the levels to the users to enable the restrictions. Once the admin has assigned restrictions to the users, users will not able to see the details of that groups and ledgers across the Tally. For e.g. you can restrict groups and ledgers like Salary, Loans, Investments, Bank accounts, etc Please refer screenshots below to understand how it works.
Watch Demo Here