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Guide on How to Generate Salesman Wise Sales Reports in Tally

Salesman wise report in Tally

Are you looking for generating Salesman wise sales reports in Tally?

How to generate salesman wise sales report in Tally?

Salesman are the integral part of any business selling products or services, they are responsible for generating revenue for the organization.

While recording sales vouchers in the system, it is essential to select the salesman to generate salesman wise sales report.

In default Tally, you will not find a dedicated space to define the salesman while recording sales voucher but there are work around using which you can use to generate salesman wise report such as;

  • By mentioning salesman name in the Other Reference field
  • Creating salesman wise Sundry Debtors sub-groups
  • Creating salesman as a Cost Centers and assigning them during vouchers

However above work around might not fit to all the business scenarios while generating required reports.

So to generate salesman wise sales reports from Tally you can use our TDL add-on designed to meet the requirements of generating salesman wise reports from Tally.

Follow the steps below to implement salesman wise sales report in tally

  1. Download the Salesman Wise Tally TDL add-on from here
  2. Copy the downloaded tdl file in Tally folder and configure the same as explained in the video for Tally.ERP9 and TallyPrime
  3. Create salesman masters
  4. Assign salesman masters to the customer master or leave blank to choose the salesman during voucher entry manually
  5. Record the sales voucher. Salesman name will be captured automatically from the master or it will allow your to select the same
  6. Now, navigate to Salesman menu available on gateway of Tally and you will find two salesman wise reports as “Salesman Wise Sales Report” and “Salesman Wise Item Wise Report”
  7. Additionally, you will find two more reports as Salesman Wise Collection Report and Salesman Wise Outstanding Report

To understand the working flow of salesman wise sales report in Tally, refer the video below;



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