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TDL for Hide Inactive Ledgers & Items in Tally

 999.00 + GST
In a practical business scenario, you might want to hide unwanted or old Ledger masters and item masters from the new voucher entries to avoid mistakes and wrong posting of vouchers. With this Tally add-on you can simply disable/hide the ledger and item masters which you don't want to show in the new voucher entries but continue to visible in the reports and old vouchers.

TDL for Restrict Back Dated Entries in Tally

 999.00 + GST
With this TDL add-on, you can restrict backdated entries creation and alteration for users in Tally. This add-on works based on the cut-off defined by you and not based on the last voucher entry done in your data. You can even define user-wise different cut-off dates for voucher creation and alteration separately. For e.g. Cut-off date for User - A is 31/03/2021 and for User - B it's 30/06/2021 Refer to the screenshots below of the working module!

TDL for Skip Rate and Amount Fields for Users

 799.00 + GST
With this Tally add-on you can skip Rate and Amount fields for your users in Sales and Sales Order voucher types. Only administrator is allowed to modify the Rate and Amount in this vouchers. This add-on helps organizations to implement additional control in their billing and ordering process and prevent mistakes at user level. Additionally you can even skip Rate & Amount fields for other vouchers like Purchase, Purchase Order, Debit Note, Credit Note, etc You can find Skip Rate and Amount = Yes / No option under voucher type alteration screen and the same is allowed for administrator only.

TDL for Smart Auto Backup of Tally Data

 1,999.00 + GST
A must have Tally add-on for every organization to restore / recover crucial accounting data from the Backups. With this Tally Add-on you can setup your preferred backup method from the below available options;
  • When you start Tally
  • When you close Tally
  • When you close company
  • On predefined schedules ( Supports 6 auto backup schedules)
Additionally, you can sync backup folder with Google Drive, Dropbox and other similar cloud systems for two layer backups. You can setup auto backup on any computer and it is not mandatory to setup on Server. See the screenshots, to get the overview of the add-on.