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How to configure TDL or TCP file in Tally.ERP9?

Free Tally TDL

TDL or TCP file is an Tally Add-on utility developed by the Tally Developers using Tally Definition Language. It extends the features and functionalities of default Tally.ERP9 as per the business specifications or needs.

To configure the TDL or TCP in Tally.ERP9, follow the below steps;

  1. Copy and Paste your TDL Add-on file under Tally.ERP9 folder
  2. Open Tally.ERP9 > Press F12: Configure
  3. Go to Products & Features
  4. Press F4: Manage Local TDLs
  5. Specify complete TDL or TCP file path here

Your TDL add-on will be loaded and ready for use.

To see it in action, please refer the video below;


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