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Top 10 Tally TDL add-ons for every business

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In this article, we will cover top 10 Tally TDL add-ons widely used by all type and size of the organizations. These are small yet effective add-ons build on Tally Developer Language to add functionality / feature to your Tally Software.

  1. Document Management Tally add-on helps to scan and attached various documents and KYC documents in vouchers and masters
  2. Audit Trail Pro in Tally helps to trace & track complete log of vouchers entered by, altered by, details of change trail, vouchers IP address and lot more
  3. Auto Backup Pro for Tally to take scheduled backup of Tally data and prevent unexpected loss of data with quick recovery 
  4. Custom Invoice Header for Tally Invoice helps to change the format of Tally Invoice header with large & bold company name display followed by address, logo and contact details on the top of the Invoice.
  5. Auto Signatures on Tally Invoice helps to configure your own sign and stamped on the Invoices
  6. Salesman Module for Tally help you to track Salesman wise Sales, Outstandings and Collections
  7. Broker Module for Tally helps you to calculate and track broker wise commission based on percentage and lump-sum value
  8. Sales and Purchase MIS reports in Tally to generate Item wise, Party wise, group wise, month wise analyses
  9. Show Item HSN Code and GST Rates during voucher entry and registers
  10. Print outstanding details on Tally Invoice

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