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Print GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, UPI on Tally Invoice

 799.00 + GST
With this TDL add on you can now setup and print online payment option on Tally Invoices to collect payment easily from the customers. You can set following most common and widely used payment collection option on your Invoice;
  1. Google Pay

  2. Phone Pay

  3. Paytm

  4. UPI

  5. Instamojo

Print ISO Document Numbering on Tally Vouchers

 999.00 + GST
Organizations certified under ISO certification and managing the documentation as per ISO standards are required to mention the ISO document number on the each commercial documents printed from the system. With this Tally TDL add on, you can now set ISO document numbering for each and every voucher types in Tally and the same will be printed on the vouchers. For more details on how it works, please download the manual give below.  

TDL for Address Book in Tally

 499.00 + GST
With this TDL add-on turn your Tally Debtors & Creditors in useful Address Book and make your Tally masters as primary customer & supplier contact information.

TDL for Advance Bank Register in Tally

 1,499.00 + GST
With this Tally add-on you can generate Advance Columnar Bank Register It generates all possible bank details as a columns, which helps users to analyze bank data effectively while searching any bank details and / or preparing a report. Moreover, it can be exported in Excel for further analyses and working. You can search data by Instrument Number, Bill Number, Party Name. Please refer below working demo video and screenshots for complete details before you decide to purchase the module.

TDL for Auto Signature on Invoice & Other Vouchers

 999.00 + GST
Doing signatures on each and every invoices and vouchers daily consuming lot of time and increase dependencies? This simple yet powerful Tally TDL utility addressing your challenge and automating repetitive task, Save time and dependencies. Simply take photo / image of your signature with or without rubber stamp and configure in Tally TDL settings, You can define different or same signatures on various vouchers depending upon your authorized signatory requirements. Recommended signature image size 200px width and 65px height or above  

TDL for Automobile Service Invoice in Tally

 799.00 + GST
Recommended TDL for Automobile service providers to generate invoice with vehicle important information's. Please refer the screenshots, manuals and description below for complete information.

TDL for Broker Module in Tally

 1,999.00 + GST
With this TDL add-on you can record and generate broker wise sales, commission and outstanding report. Key features
  • Create multiple Brokers
  • Choose broker at the time of Sales Order / Sales Invoice
  • Define commission percentage for each Order / Invoice
  • Define lump-sum commission  for each Order / Invoice
  • Commission will be calculated on Gross value before Tax
  • Filter commission report by Broker
  • Filter outstanding report by Broker
  • Export report to excel
  • Optionally print broker name on Invoice by enabling from F12:Configuration
Refer below video to know more about how it works!

TDL for Bulk Outstanding Reminders & Ledgers Details

 1,499.00 + GST

With this Tally add-on you can send following bulk emails directly from Tally.

  • Outstanding reminder email to a single customer
  • Outstanding reminder to the group of customers like Sundry Debtor
  • Outstanding reminder to multiple selected customers only
  • Ledger details to a single customer
  • Ledger details to a group of customers like Sundry Debtor
  • Ledger details to multiple selected customes only

Additional features and configuration...

  • You can predefine Subject and Message for outstanding reminders and ledger details
  • You can predefine email settings of your outgoing emails server
  • Special report to detect Ledgers without Email ID's
Note: Please check your daily email sending limit, if you have a large number of customers

TDL for Control Duplicate Purchase Entries in Tally

 599.00 + GST
This TDL utility will help you to auto restrict the Duplicate Supplier Invoice number entry of the same supplier in purchase vouchers. This prevents duplication of accounting as well as compliances like GSTR2 and TDS.  

TDL for Custom Invoice Header

 999.00 + GST
With this Tally Add-on, you can generate customized invoice header which looks differently and professionally. It will print your company name in the bold and large text followed by a complete address, contact details, PAN, CIN and GSTIN details.
Configure this TDL to your Tally and enable the Custom Invoice feature in F11 as shown in the side image and in the video.  

TDL for Custom Salutation/Signatories Printing in Tally Vouchers

 999.00 + GST
With this Tally add-on you can define multiple salutation / signatories on internal voucher printing as applicable in your organization. It prints custom signature / salutations on following voucher printings. You can even set different signatories for different voucher types;
  1. Payment
  2. Journal
  3. Receipt
  4. Contra
  It allows up-to 5 custom signatories

TDL for Delete Unused Ledgers & Masters

 399.00 + GST
Having too many ledger masters & item masters created in your Tally data over a period of time?? This TDL add on will auto identify the Ledger & Item masters with “No Opening Balances & No Transactions” and display as a report and allows you to delete All or Selective at a click.