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How to view last purchase rate of products in Tally?

Last Item Rate in Tally Purchase Voucher

Did you know? In Tally.ERP9 or TallyPrime you can manage complete purchase / procurement flow as listed below;

  • Can create a Purchase Orders
    • Record material receipts against Purchase orders
      • Record Material Rejections against material receipts
        • Record Purchase Bills against GRN or Purchase Order
          • Record Debit Notes against Purchase Bills

In general when you plan to procure a material you always tends to compare the last supplied price of the material your are procuring for your current demand. You may raise purchase order on single or multiple vendors and finalize the best one matching price and quality parameters.

Identifying the last supplied rate of a particular material while recording a purchase order or purchase voucher is tedious task right……………you will have to go back to your records and/or need to find it in your purchase files.

So to simplify this task you can use our Last Item Rate TDL add-on. This add-on will display Last transaction rate of each items selected in the voucher and thus helps immediate comparison while raising the purchase order. Additionally Last Rate can be printed as a column on a purchase order and purchase vouchers for internal approval & reference purpose.

Get this Tally add-on from here

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