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TDL for Auto Signature on Invoice & Other Vouchers

Rs. 999.00 + GST
Doing signatures on each and every invoices and vouchers daily consuming lot of time and increase dependencies? This simple yet powerful Tally TDL utility addressing your challenge and automating repetitive task, Save time and dependencies. Simply take photo / image of your signature with or without rubber stamp and configure in Tally TDL settings, You can define different or same signatures on various vouchers depending upon your authorized signatory requirements. Recommended signature image size 200px width and 65px height or above  

TDL for Automobile Service Invoice in Tally

Rs. 799.00 + GST
Recommended TDL for Automobile service providers to generate invoice with vehicle important information's. Please refer the screenshots, manuals and description below for complete information.

TDL for Delete Unused Ledgers & Masters

Rs. 599.00 + GST
Having too many ledger masters & item masters created in your Tally data over a period of time?? This TDL add on will auto identify the Ledger & Item masters with “No Opening Balances & No Transactions” and display as a report and allows you to delete All or Selective at a click. Watch demo below before your buy this add-on

TDL for Document Management in Tally (Single Attachment)

Rs. 999.00 + GST
A must have Tally.ERP9 TDL Add-on for every type & size of businesses to manage the documents effectively and retrieve easily when required. Simply Scan the document > put it on your local folder or cloud folder > add document path to respective voucher and easily open document whenever required. This TDL add on will allow you to attach single document only in vouchers  

TDL for Envelop Printing in Tally

Rs. 599.00 + GST
Envelop printing is much needed and most common requirement of every organization irrespective of size of the organization. This TDL add on allows you to print envelopes from Sales & Purchase vouchers on standard envelop size or on A4 size, so you will save lot of time on writing address manually and it also looks professional.

TDL for Narration Size Increase in Tally

Rs. 799.00 + GST
Use this TDL add-on to increase the size of Narration in all the vouchers in Tally! This TDL add on will increase narration size by 3X and also increase the visible width of narration to fit 100% length of screen, so you can capture as much as detailed information in each voucher for reference! It will also increase the size of Narration for each ledgers. It's simple yet powerful utility for all Tally users, don't wait, get it now!

TDL for Outstanding Printing on Tally Invoice

Rs. 799.00 + GST
With this TDL add-on, you can generate the invoice in Tally with party Previous Outstanding, Current Bill Amount & Total Outstanding summary as on bill date. It is an simple & effective utility to convey the outstanding details along with invoice.

TDL for Quick Voucher Search in Tally

Rs. 499.00 + GST
Searching a particular Voucher Number or a voucher having some specific word or a content in the Narration but you don't know it is on which date and under which voucher type then it will be a tough and time consuming task. With the simple yet powerful Find Voucher Globally TDL you can able to find the voucher quickly.

TDL for Salesman Wise Reports in Tally

Rs. 1,999.00 + GST
With this TDL add on you can generate Salesman-wise Sales, Collection, and Outstanding reports accurately & effortlessly. Key features
  • You will find a separate master for creating a salesman
  • You can assign a Salesman at party master date wise, so if there is a change in salesman for a customer, you can set the new applicable date and salesman.
  • Additional field select salesman will be displayed during Sales, Credit Note and Receipt voucher entries
  • If the salesman is assigned at party master then it will auto captured in the voucher and if not defined at party master then you can choose the salesman from the list during voucher entry.
  • New reports salesman-wise Sales, Collection, and Outstanding is available with Salesman filtration. Credit notes will be considered in the reports.
  • Optionally Salesman name can be printed on Tally Invoice by enabling it from F12 configuration
  • Easy to implement and use

Watch Demo Before You Buy!

TDL for Task Management in Tally

Rs. 999.00 + GST
Managing Task is a common need for all of us….if you plan & organize the Tasks well, you will achieve good results with no or minimal stress. With this simple yet powerful TDL add on you can able to add Tasks right inside your Tally and Tally will prompt you in advance whenever tasks gets due, whenever you open data.

Lifetime Validity, No Renewals