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TDL for Auto Signature on Invoice & Other Vouchers

Rs. 999.00 + GST
Doing signatures on each and every invoices and vouchers daily consuming lot of time and increase dependencies? This simple yet powerful Tally TDL utility addressing your challenge and automating repetitive task, Save time and dependencies. Simply take photo / image of your signature with or without rubber stamp and configure in Tally TDL settings, You can define different or same signatures on various vouchers depending upon your authorized signatory requirements. Recommended signature image size 200px width and 65px height or above  

TDL for Digital Signature on Tally Invoice

Rs. 1,999.00 + GST
With this Tally add-on, you can print your digital signature directly on the Invoices generated from the Tally. While generating the Invoice from Tally, you just need to attach DSC on your computer for real-time validation and authentication. Module contains TCP file and supporting files for the DSC generation, which you just need to copy inside your Tally folder. Please refer the snapshots & video below to see how it works.