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Guide on how Implement Audit Trail in Tally

Audit trail in accounts helps organization to identify the trail / activity log of each and every vouchers recorded in the system with the information like entered by, altered by, date & time of voucher entered and altered, change log of vouchers, etc

To activate audit trail in Tally, please follow the simple steps explained below for TallyPrime and Tally.ERP9;

    1. Open company and click on K: Company in top menu bar and Go to option Security
    2. Enable option ” Control User Access to Company Data ” and set User Name and Password Enabling Security feature in TallyPrime
    3. Once you enable the security feature and admin user, you will be allowed to add users and it’s roles. Click on K: Company > Go to Users and Passwords and add users as shown in below snapshot;Adding Users in TallyPrime
    4. Now to enable Audit Trail features, you may download and activate our Tally add-on from here
    5. Once you configure the audit trail add-on, you will start getting user wise Activity Log / Audit Trail for each and every vouchers under below options
    6. Go to Activity Log report to view the complete trail of voucher created by and altered by with date and time details and more as shown in below snapshots;

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