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TDL for Sales & Purchase MIS Reports in Tally

Rs. 1,499.00 + GST
This is an must have and highly recommended add-on for any organization selling products / inventory. With this Tally Add-on, you can easily generate following reports;
  1. Item wise Month Wise Sales

  2. Item Wise Party Wise Sales

  3. Item Wise Stock Group wise Sales

  4. Party Wise Month wise Sales

  5. Party Wise Item Wise Sales

  6. Party Wise Group Wise Sales

  7. Item wise Month Wise Purchase

  8. Item Wise Party Wise Purchase

  9. Item Wise Stock Group wise Purchase

  10. Party Wise Month wise Purchase

  11. Party Wise Item Wise Purchase

  12. Party Wise Group Wise Purchase

  13. Apply filters by Item, by Party, by Stock Group, by Ledger Group

You can export these reports to excel for further analyses and formatting   Note: Reports are currently showing data of Sales & Purchase Vouchers and not showing Sales Returns / Credit Note/Debit Note......It will be supported in future (Free) update.